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Nazek El-Atab

The development of ultra-flexible and lightweight inorganic solar cells with high efficiency and enhanced thermal performance

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Nazek is currently a Research Scientist with Professor Muhammad Mustafa Hussain at the MMH labs at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia. Her current research focuses on the design and fabrication of futuristic electronics. She developed a corrugation technology which allows the transformation of inorganic rigid solar cells into their ultra-flexible, ultra-stretchable and lightweight versions with excellent reliability, enhanced thermal performance and negligible degradation in the original efficiency for wide-ranging deployment. The corrugation approach is a simple, two-steps technique which can be applied on large-scale rigid inorganic cells with high efficiency (>20%) and excellent reliability to make them physically compliant and stretchable. The first step consists of patterning a transparent polymeric encapsulant applied on a commercial-grade solar cell using an infrared laser, followed by the etching/removal of the exposed inorganic material using a deep reactive ion etching tool.