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Since its creation, MIT Technology Review has been publishing the list of the most brilliant Innovators Under 35 that are making exciting strides, shaping their fields and solving problems in remarkably different ways. In 2011, the magazine brought the search for talented youth to local editions in different countries within Europe. The main objective of the regional European award has been to consolidate this young European community of innovators and pioneers. 

Today, the European program lends visibility to the work of the most talented, young, technological leaders and consolidate an international innovation community. Each year, brilliant men and women are recognized for their advancements in diverse technical fields which have been extended this year to: biotechnology and medicine, computer and electronics hardware, software, Internet, artificial intelligence, robotics, telecommunications, nanotechnology and materials, energy or transportation. MIT Technology Review relies on its committee of judges, made up of experts from leading universities and companies, to select the 35 best profiles of 2018 within the European region: inventors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, humanitarians or pioneers.

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Ambassadors of 2018 edition

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Who are the Innovators Under 35 in Europe 2017?

For the first time, in last year edition the 35 Innovators Under 35 were divided into 5 categories according to their profiles: inventors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, pioneers and humanitarians.

During the Summit Europe 2017, 5 of them received a special mention: Victor Dillard (Entrepreneur of The Year), Enass Abo-Hamed (Visionary of The Year), Solveiga Pakstaite (Inventor of The Year), Julien de Wit (Pioneer of the Year) and Thibault Duchemin (Humanitarian of The Year). Meet this community of young pioneers made of talent:

Who were the judges of 2017 edition?

Here are the judges and experts in the tech ecosystem that have made possible the competition of 2017

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Nominations closed March 12, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. Central European Time. Applications will reopen next year for the 2019 list.

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