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Energy & sustainability

Dongliang (Donny) Chao

Finding safe, low-cost, and scalable energy storage new battery technologies
Dongliang (Donny) Chao

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The University of Adelaide

Asia Pacific

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Safety concerns of organic media-based batteries are the key public arguments against their widespread usage. Aqueous batteries provide a promising alternative for safe, cost-effective, and scalable energy storage with high power density and tolerance against mishandling. Dongliang’s new battery technologies have opened new opportunities for the development of high-performance batteries and should be of immediate benefit for low-cost practical energy storage and grid-scale applications.

About Dongliang (Donny) Chao

Donny obtained his PhD from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He joined the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, USA) in 2016 as a joint researcher, followed by a postdoc at NTU. He is currently an ARC Research Fellow at The University of Adelaide, focusing on materials for next-generation safe, low-cost, and scalable energy storage. Dr. Chao is serving as the Managing Editor for the journal, Materials Today Energy. He has published more than 80 articles and authored one book. His H-index is 38 with citations of more than 6,300.