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Biotechnology & medicine

Camille O’Malley

CTO & co-founder of Xtremedy Medical

Year Honored

Xtremedy Medical


Camille O’Malley is CTO & co-founder of Xtremedy Medical. Camille trained as an R&D chemist, working in large multinationals in Asia & Ireland. Camille completed her Masters from Smurfit Business School. She was chosen as a 2018 BioInnovate fellow & joined the Stanford BioDesign affiliate program to investigate unmet needs. She worked with orthopaedic clinicians and patients, witnessing first-hand the devastating impact chronic infections have on patients lives’. Camille used her scientific & commercial background to define the root cause of these infections – bacterial biofilms – and how various clinical interventions were wholly ineffective. 

O’Malley is developing a first-of-its-kind surgical treatment for eradication of biofilms in diabetic foot infections. Using pulsed field ablation, coupled with a non-invasive design, the BioBlate works by creating electrical signals to treat bacteria on the surfaces and below. The system uses custom biosensors to feedback the environment and deliver a repeatable signal every time. 

Camille & her team at Xtremedy have shown 1000-fold superiority to current treatments. Available surgical options for infections are limited, surgeons are blind to where the infection in within the wound & rely heavily on post-operative antibiotics. These therapies can last weeks or months & lead to extensive kidney damage in patients. O’Malley’s BioBlate technology works as an adjunct to antibiotics, physically disrupting the bacterial infection & subsequently creating a more receptive environment for antibiotics to work. All in a single surgery. 

Camille O’Malley co-founded Xtremedy Medical in 2020 and works as CTO “I wanted to work on a solution to a true unmet clinical need. DFI’s are a growing, global pandemic. We didn’t stand by & assume someone else is working on the next generation of infections treatments. We’re doing it ourselves.”