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Ayoub Glia

Cell banking at a paper cut.

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New York University Abu Dhabi


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Ayoub Glia has recently obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Tandon School of Engineering at New York University. His PhD research focused on designing and developing microfluidic technologies for the capture of circulating tumor cells from the blood of cancer patients and their subsequent characterization. Before his PhD work, he obtained his master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology where his research domain was ranging from materials characterization to the development of Atomic Force Microscopy techniques. Glia’s efforts in research led to authoring 7 peer-reviewed journal papers including publishing part of his PhD thesis in the prestigious journal “Advanced Science, with impact factor ~ 17.5". His published work in Advanced Science was featured in 60+ scientific outlets and newspapers including Phys.Org, SCIENMAG,, TECH Post and SCIENCE, 3D Printing Industry, news-medical, ScienceDaily, WAM, alkhaleej, albayan, among others. Further, Glia authored 11 proceedings at primer international conferences, and filed a patent application. As per Google Scholar, Glia’s work was cited more than 122 times in scientific peer-reviewed work and his h-index is 5, which is an accomplishment for a junior researcher at his career stage.