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Bringing more stable, durable, and accurate single-cell sequencing and digital PCR technology.

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Hao Pei studied at Tsinghua University in China and then at Harvard University in the USA. During his doctoral research, he worked with Professor David Weitz, the pioneer of microfluidic science, to focus on the theory of microfluidics, as well as the many applications of this technology. As one of the top scientists in the world to develop third-gen microfluidic chips for biomedical applications, Dr. Pei’s research achievements cover the design and manufacturing of microfluidic chips, and the development of droplet generation and sorting system, to solve real challenges in the biotech industry.

Dr. Pei and David Weitz co-founded Mobidrop in 2018. They are committed to establishing advanced single-cell sequencing platforms, digital PCR, and other product pipelines, where droplet microfluidic technology plays a central role.

Mobidrop owns over 60 patents, The high-throughput single-cell sequencing platform is able to capture around 100,000 cells in a single run with a capture rate of up to 70%. In addition, they also developed the world’s first commercial solution to examine the genomics of individual bacteria, and incubated novel single-cell sequencing solutions applicable to FFPE samples.