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Biotechnology & medicine


She invented a wireless-sensing (WiSe) medical implant and conductive sutures to monitor postoperative complications.

Year Honored

Let-Lab ( Innovation Lab of UCT) & The Edify

Asia Pacific

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Asia Pacific

Viveka Kalidasan leads the Innovation Lab of Ultra Clean Holdings Inc., Let-Lab, in Singapore. Let-Lab is dedicated to defending and accelerating the growth of goal-driven, industry 4.0 startups, that address the unmet demands in the semiconductor industry.

Previously she led the commercialization of various optical and material technologies from the Translational Biophotonics Laboratory (TBL) at the Agency for Science Technology and Research, Singapore. She worked closely with different stakeholders to commercialize WiSe based on market needs, with public support from clinicians, researchers, and the entire medical technology startup ecosystem. As a strident advocate of clinically-relevant translational research, she desires to see patient-centric innovations. She is a strong proponent of sustainable semiconductor industry 4.0 innovations.

She is the CEO-Director of The Edify Project (Edify), a one-stop innovative mentorship platform to provide sustainable mentoring for all deserving global talents. She is an adviser for various startups, venture capital projects, accelerators, and incubators, and has been recognized as one of Singapore’s top 100 Women in Tech (2021).