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Artificial intelligence & robotics

Ziwei Liu

Promoting the development of AI-driven mixed reality technology.

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Nanyang Technological University

Asia Pacific

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Asia Pacific

Nowadays, people are eager to experience a mixed life that blends both the physical and digital world seamlessly. The mixed reality technology driven by AI makes the experience more intelligent, natural, and immersive. The resulting human-AI collaboration can be beneficial for the larger scientific community and significantly push forward social good.

Ziwei Liu, an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, has made several major breakthroughs in the field of AI-driven mixed reality technology in recent years. His team has built the HuMMan motion capture system, one of the most comprehensive multi-modal 4D human motion capture systems worldwide, providing a powerful tool for the fields of virtual character motion design, animation production, and human-computer interaction. At the same time, the realistic rendering technology based on large language models he developed has brought revolutionary changes to the fields of games, movies, and education.

Meanwhile, his works have made substantial scientific contributions, being adopted in machine learning textbooks, and incorporated by major deep learning platforms like PyTorch and TensorFlow. He is the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, such as ICCV Young Researcher Award, CVPR Best Paper Award Candidate, and International Congress of Basic Science (ICBS) Frontiers of Science Award.

Ziwei believes that AI-driven mixed reality is both scientifically important and industrially desired. It is one of the most valuable scientific pursuits in developing real-world AI systems that better understand and meet both individual and societal needs.