Photo of Angelos Tsereklas Zafeirakis

Artificial intelligence & robotics

Angelos Tsereklas Zafeirakis

Managing Director of SOTIRIA

Year Honored


Angelos Tsereklas Zafeirakis is the Managing Director of SOTIRIA; a deep-tech startup developing artificial intelligent sensing technology in the defense industry.

SOTIRIA’s domain expertise is deployed in the area of underwater intelligence and security by developing AI-as-a-Partner software solutions and designing state-of-the-art, ultra-sensitive magnetic and acoustic sensing equipment.

According to NATO, national security infrastructure, such as underwater communication cables responsible for 90 per cent of all communication between North America and Europe, remain under adversaries’ threat and over 80 per cent of our oceans remain unobserved. Navies increasingly need to accurately detect near-zero noise threats.

Developed by Zafeirakis’ SOTIRIA, Nereid is a scalable, AI-powered underwater surveillance solution for the protection of key maritime domain and national security assets. Utilising neural network architectures and fusing data from multiple sensing sources, it augments legacy systems’ capabilities and safeguards national security in the underwater domain.

Within 14 months of operations SOTIRIA has participated in NATO’s exercise, REPMUS22, in Portugal at the invitation of the Portuguese Navy, engaged with five navy forces in Europe and North America, and has become European Defence Agency partners in the field of AI.