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Zheming Tong

Developing a multidisciplinary digital design technology for flow components of heavy machinery

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Zhejiang University


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Heavy machineries play a major role in economic development and national security, and are critical to many major engineering projects. Digital design, as a key approach to realizing innovative designs of heavy machineries, is one of the most important research directions in the field of mechanical design. The traditional digital design methods cannot be directly applied to the design of complex heavy machineries, and are often faced with technical problems such as multi-disciplinary, low design efficiency and difficult convergence, and therefore are unable to meet the rapid design requirement of China's manufacturing industry.

Aiming at flow component features such as variable curvature, complex load and long service cycle, Dr. Tong and his team developed a multi-disciplinary digital design technology for flow components of heavy machinery based on several major engineering projects in China, which substantially reduces design cycle and development cost. At the same time, it achieves efficient and accurate designs of high-performance flow components. Dr. Tong’s research has been applied to the digital design of large-scale axial-flow hydro turbines and gas turbine HRSGs with significant research and engineering value.

Dr. Tong graduated from Cornell University with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to his appointment at Zhejiang University, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and promoted to research fellow.