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Yvonne Gao

Building modular hardware for quantum computers
Yvonne Gao

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Institute for Materials Research and Engineering – A*STAR

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Quantum computers offer a powerful new paradigm of information processing that harnesses the unique features of quantum mechanics. A robust quantum computer has far-reaching impacts, capable of transforming a wide range of industries from every facet of life, from drug discoveries to logistics optimisations. Yvonne's work focuses on the key modular quantum hardware she built using electrical circuits, which are cooled below a fraction of a degree to capture their quantum behaviour. These circuits can be manipulated to reliably store, process, and transfer quantum information. They offer a promising platform for realising robust large-scale computation.

About Yvonne Gao

Yvonne is a quantum physicist focusing on developing crucial hardware building blocks for quantum computers. She holds a B.A. from the University of Oxford and Ph.D. in Physics from Yale University. She is now working on establishing a new research initiative in Singapore, specializing in manipulating electrical circuits to store and process quantum information. Outside the lab, Yvonne plays an active role in building a vibrant quantum ecosystem in Singapore through public talks, panel discussions, and popular science writings.