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Tomás Escobar

His educational platform offers continuous training for the professions of today and those of the future

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Latin America

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"Educational systems worldwide will undergo big changes between now and 2030 due to the technological revolution. Faced with a scenario where thousands of students lack access to quality education upon which to build their future, Escobar is the first Argentinean to create a platform of alternative educational and training courses that provides anyone with the ability to learn “from scratch” with the skills in highest demand by potential employers.

Taking advantage of technological advancements and the new entrepreneurial culture, Escobar created Acámica: a platform that allows its users to learn through free, online courses and in demand skills like design or technology. This innovative system has more than 43,000 users.

Escobar is also the founder of one of the 20 most visited Argentinean websites with more than 15 million users: Cuevana, a platform on which you can watch your favorite movies and series. This young Argentinean is a clear example of the entrepreneurial spirit, concerned about improving our lives and the state of the world."