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Néstor Ghenzi

He has developed a new type of resistive memory that functions in adverse conditions in outer space

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Latin America

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"Until now, the majority of memory devices were not equipped to withstand abnormal conditions such as high temperatures, the absence of power or being exposed to harmful external influences. Guenzi has revolutionized the technological era with the creation of non-volatile MeMOSat memory devices which are highly dependable in these situations.

An important milestone for the project was reached this year when his memory devices were sent to outer space and, for the first time ever, worked under aerospace conditions.

Guenzi, a Physical Sciences graduate from the Balseiro Institute, is proof that high value added products can be developed in Argentina. The proactive researcher was awarded the DuPont-CONICET Prize for his MeMOSat creation in the area of ""Studies of new materials: Effects of memory"", as well as the Innovation Prize in the area of Applied Physics."