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Nanotechnology & materials

Scott Munguía

He has designed a technology for the production of bioplastics from avocado seeds

Year Honored

Latin America

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"The technology developed by Scott makes it possible to produce bioplastics using waste from the food industry, more specifically: the avocado seed.

Currently over 80% of bioplastics are produced from corn or potatoes, which generates competition with food sources. The solution devised by Scott offers an alternative means to reduce this competition with food sources, reduce the impact of the bioplastics industry on food price and reduce production costs by using industrial waste lacking market value.

At the same time, this technology makes use of significant quantities of agro waste; the Mexican avocado industry, one of the leaders worldwide, produces about 30,000 tons. As they are exploited to create bioplastics, this technology allows the industry to exploit and reduce the abundance of agro industrial waste.

Biofase is the company founded by this young entrepreneur to market his solution in Mexico and abroad. In its first year of operation, it has been valued at over one million dollars and has received support from the state of Michoacán, a highly affected region where they plan to build a plant.

Still a student of Chemical Engineering, Scott has presented his technology at international conferences in the US, Asia and Europe, and has won several awards both at home and abroad. These include the Prize for Technological Innovation during the Cleantech Challenge Mexico in 2013. Scott is also the founding partner of the National Bioplastics Commission in Mexico."