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The population can verify electoral results through his collaborative platform

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"Countries like Honduras have needed to rebuild the public´s trust in certain processes whose transparency has been questioned, such as the last presidential elections, whose results were suspect to great speculation. To address this issue, the Honduran Jorge Garia devised a platform called (which translated from Spanish means Social Vote).

Through, 1,600 Hondurans participated by introducing the scanned results from each official voting center and in the course of just half a day the data was validated.

The system works as follows. To avoid errors or attempted fraud during the process, three volunteers participated in the validation of the data. If one person found a discrepancy, they would report it and the process would begin anew with three new validations.

The innovator recognizes that the system still needs to be completed to achieve greater transparency and he is working on a new version that will allow for the verification of the ballot count in real time."