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John Edison Muñoz

Using low-cost brain-to-machine interfaces and specialized video games to compliment traditional rehabilitation techniques

Year Honored

Latin America

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"Patients with mobility problems or neurological disorders are not only physically limited in the actions they can perform, but they also need to achieve a state of relaxation that favors rehabilitation treatments. This, coupled with the need to carry out low-cost projects using existing technology tested in live environments, sparked John Muñoz´s interest.

This lead Muñoz to combine video games and brain-to-machine interfaces which together, through movements and brainwaves generated by mental exercises, allow patients to control an on-screen character or recreate virtual environments. Muñoz also created a software program that analyzes and classifies neurophysiological signals associated with the formation of images inside the brain. This analysis allows treatments and therapies to be personalized to the individual patient´s comfort level.

Building on the successes of his work, Muñoz founded the spin-off company HCI Group Colombia and is currently introducing his mechanism into schools and other public spaces. One of his first experiences of this type involved balance training processes for the elderly."