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Nicolás Pereyra

His smart books favor the use of computerized tools and their inclusion in primary education

Year Honored

Latin America

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"Uruguay was the first country in the world to provide a laptop to each and every student and teacher in the public, primary education system through the Ceibal Plan. The fact that every child was provided access to this technology independently of his or her economic status gave Nicolás Pereyra the opportunity to generate educational content in an innovative format. Thus EDU Ciencias was born, a smart book centered on natural science developed by Pereyra´s company, EDU Editorial.

EDU Ciencias presents content interactively and adjusts the difficulty of the exercises for each student. It also recommends activities to be performed outside of the classroom or with a group of classmates, encouraging the development of social skills and teamwork. Innovatively, the smart book can also be used offline.

The innovation of his book resides in the total integration with the traditional teaching dynamics because it is easy to use, and it has the potential to generate a real impact on the educational sector thanks to its ability to support the inclusion of new student populations."