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Carlos Bernal

A toilet-based sensor for diabetics that monitors glucose levels with each urination

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Latin America

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"The regular monitoring of blood glucose levels and the corresponding adjustment in the insulin dosage to avoid episodes of abnormally high or low blood sugar levels requires the diabetic´s time and dedication and is a tedious and inconvenient process. These sudden variations in blood glucose levels can have severe consequences for the patient´s health.

In response, the young innovator Carlos Bernal has developed GlucosAlarm, a sensor which is positioned inside a toilet bowl to measure the level of glucose present in the user´s urine, which allows the user to analyze their glucose levels quickly and from the convenience of their own home. The user need only activate the sensor using the Bluetooth from a smartphone, and urinate in the toilet in a normal fashion. The sensor then calculates the concentration of glucose present in the urine and sends the results back to the smartphone which activated the sensor.

Bernal has a prototype of GlucosAlarm that is currently the subject of an acceleration program in the United States aimed at achieving approval for clinical trials from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), as well as the necessary financing to produce a commercial model."