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Biotechnology & medicine

Jessica Hanna

Noninvasive, wearable, continuous glucose monitoring system based on electromagnetic technology

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American University of Beirut


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Jessica is a Ph.D. candidate in the Biomedical Engineering program, with her work being executed in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department and the department of Anatomy, Cell biology and Physiological Sciences, at American University of Beirut (AUB). Her research focuses on designing non-invasive electromagnetic wearable sensors for continuous glucose monitoring. Her invention is a first-of-its-kind noninvasive continuous wearable glycemic monitoring reconfigurable multi-sensor system. Ediamond is a noninvasive glucose monitoring system embedded inside the patient's clothes, or wearable accessories to monitor glucose variations throughout the day and night using electromagnetic fields. Sensors embedded within wearable apparels such as an armband or a glove can radiate electromagnetic waves. When these waves are transmitted into the body, the changes in the reflected and the transmitted waves at specific frequencies are associated with the glucose fluctuations in the blood. These variations are analyzed and converted into glucose levels by means of data analytics and smart algorithms. The sensors embedded within the clothes of the patients will treat the body as its load and as part of the sensor itself. In addition, these sensors are optimized to mimic the vasculature anatomy of the human body, which enhances the impact of blood composition variation on the sensors and enhance their sensitivities and selectivity to glucose.