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Ting He

Using a new generation of CAR-T technology to help humans overcome leukemia and myeloma

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Immunochina Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


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CAR-T cells are T cells that have been genetically engineered. T cells are like "warriors" in the human body, capable of resisting and destroying "intruders" such as infections, tumors, and foreign objects. Researchers use genetic engineering technology to equip T cells with a "positioning and navigation device", which is CAR, so that they can more accurately identify cancer cells and effectively kill cancer cells through immunity. Due to its precision, speed, and efficiency, CAR-T cells have become a new tumor immunotherapy method.

However, CAR-T cell therapy is facing two major challenges at present: difficulty in scaling and high costs.

To overcome these two major challenges, Ting He has been leading his team to build a cutting-edge one-stop CAR-T technology platform, hoping to benefit more patients at a lower price.

The platform consists of a large-scale serum-free floating lentiviral vector manufacture system, ultra T cell activation technology, and long-acting T cell technology, covering all the core technologies of gene cell drug research and development, production, and commercialization.

Recalling the days when he decided to dive into CAR-T therapy research, Ting He said, “at the time, I felt like crossing the river by feeling the stones, even without stones to feel in the first place, but I think the most important thing is faith. When founding Immunochina Pharmaceuticals, I believed that CAR-T could indeed treat cancer. And I still hold the same faith today."

After graduating with his Ph.D., when most people choose to study abroad for further advancement, Ting He believed that CAR-T therapy could definitely treat cancer. This technology really excited him. Compared with basic research, it is more meaningful to him to develop CAR-T drugs.

“I think this goal will make me more motivated to pursue this as a lifetime goal,” Ting said.

Between studying abroad and starting a business, he chose to put his ideas into practice and develop CAR-T drugs by founding Immunochina Pharmaceuticals.