Photo of Ignacio Juárez

Energy & sustainability

Ignacio Juárez

Designed a more efficient and economical urban wind turbine

Year Honored

Latin America

Hails From

"Ignacio Juárez founded Semtive In 2009 in order to accomplish more sustainable urban environments. Capable of improving everything already available on the market, for a lower price, Juárez began to design a wind turbine suited for urban environments which is more efficient than the existing alternatives and better adapted to the low wind speeds that characterize Argentinian cities.

Beyond turbines for residential use, which weigh approximately 80 kilograms, Semtive developed models for public streetlamps which are lighter and do not require a preexisting connection to the electrical grid, which allows for the illumination of unlit areas without the need for major construction works to wire these connections.

Juárez´s project uses a preexisting technology and improves upon it significantly, reducing costs and improving performance. The project also addresses one of the biggest challenges ahead: energy generation."