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Alberto Arredondo

Created a sustainable, water treatment system based on traditional knowledge

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Latin America

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Central America

"Stocking up on drinking water is no simple task for 32% of the population of rural areas in Nicaragua, a country that suffers from frequent draughts and which every three to five years is subject to extreme climatic events.

In search of a solution to facilitate access to clean water, the Nicaraguan Alberto Arredondo created a purification tank that filters water with the help of natural resources like the moringa plant, activated carbon and silver dag, amongst others.

In 2014, Arredondo founded the company Green Energy Technologies, which in addition to commercializing his creation, incorporated a solar powered pumping system to expand its applications to irrigation and the domestic water distribution networks.

During its first year, Green Energy Technologies has installed 30 tanks in schools and an additional 165 tanks in agricultural areas for crop management."