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Emanuel Vilte

Created a community of narrators that read internet content to end users through an app

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Latin America

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"The life of the systems engineer Emanuel Vilte changed radically when his mother began to lose her eyesight due to maculopathy. Her condition not only forced her to abandon her career as a journalist, but it also limited her access to information to computerized text-to-speech readers. In response, Vilte created Linguoo, an app which reads web content aloud to its users.

Linguoo is an app for smartphones that allows users to listen to web articles, music and audiobooks in the format of a digital library of audio content which can be personalized according to each user´s taste. The innovation resides in offering this content through a single, unified platform and in the fact that the reading is performed by real people, who add human emotion and intonation to the content.

Not only did Vilte program an inclusive platform that allows people with visual incapacities to access this content, but also people who wish to listen to this content while they perform different activities. Currently Linguoo boasts more than 10,000 registered users."