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His software allows the user to delete emails even after hitting the Send button

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"According to the study performed by the security company Symantec, human error represents the primary cause of corporate data breaches. Information leaks are a reality, and over the course of the last eight years they have increased by 22%. The study analyzes the experiences of data breaches at 277 companies from nine countries: the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

Human errors represent “the largest security breach in data leaks of confidential information,” according to Luis Loalza, the cofounder of Criptext. To prevent such breaches, this young innovator has created software that acts as an intermediary between email servers and the email recipients. Amongst other functions, Criptext allows the sender to delete sent messages at any time, as well as to set a predetermined expiry date which will delete the message automatically. The software sincronizes with the email server so that the user only needs to activate the safe delivery mode to access Criptext´s functionalities.

Criptext was launched in May of this year as a public beta plug-in for Gmail users on the Chrome navegator. Future plans include launching a similar service for Outlook by Microsoft and an implementation system for corporate email systems. Before designing this software, Loaiza developed an instant messaging app, also called Criptext, which already included the ability to delete sent messages from the receiver´s device."