Photo of Daniel Alberto  Jacobo Velázquez

Biotechnology & medicine

Daniel Alberto Jacobo Velázquez

He has developed an alternative to GM systems to convert vegetable waste in bioactive compound factories

Year Honored

Latin America

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"Daniel is developing an emerging technology, with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, used to produce bioactive compounds from fruit and vegetable waste, which could provide an alternative to genetic engineering.

A researcher at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Daniel is working on the development of a technology capable of quickly and efficiently producing bioactive compounds in plant tissues from biological waste materials from the food industry, e.g. fruits and vegetables that do not meet quality standards for human consumption.

The technology developed by this young pioneer offers an alternative to genetic engineering and it also produces compounds in an easier and faster way than the use of these techniques. On the other hand, when transforming crops into sources of compounds with a high added value, such as resveratrol, saponins or shikimic acid, used to make the antiviral Tamiflu, it provides an alternative use for horticultural crop waste and produces compounds of high commercial value and highly relevant in terms of health care, and this significantly boosts the agricultural sector of the country.

Dr. Jacobo´s work has been published by various scientific publications and recognized on numerous occasions, such as the CONACyT National Award for Science and Food Technology and ITESM´s Romulo Garza Award of."