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Biotechnology & medicine

Camila Petignat

She has created more nutritional and easier to digest forage crops that could increase livestock productivity and cut down on emissions

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Latin America

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"There has been a boost in livestock activity in recent decades which has led to a growth in demand for foodstuffs, particularly those made of animal proteins. Petitgnat aims to increase the efficiency of livestock productivity with Neogram, a startup founded in 2011 whose goal is to implement biotechnological tools to improve the nutritional quality of tropical and sub-tropical pastures.

At Neogram they use biotechnological tools to boost the nutritional quality of forage crops and, as such, to increase livestock production by up to 20% and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. After conducting different research projects, they now have nine plants that have demonstrated an improvement in quality, among which is the well-known ""Gramax"".

Petitgnat, a Biological Sciences graduate from the University of Buenos Aires, is a model of entrepreneurship. This young Argentinean has managed to establish Neogram as a flexible and equipped startup to identify future market opportunities, in touch with the scientific developments and needs of the sector."