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Energy & sustainability

Camilo Herrera

His solar-powered streetlamps light up low resource areas at night

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Latin America

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"The absence of electric power service is a problem in many areas of the world. This limitation prevents communities from prolonging work or study activities, and even represents an obstacle to social cohabitation. Camilo Herrera and his streetlamps have become part of the solution to these issues, bringing light to various points of the globe.

The streetlamps, designed by Herrera to generate energy by day and illuminate by night, are comprised of a lamppost containing a solar panel, a battery, a LED lightbulb, and a bottle. The solar panel is responsible for storing the energy generated by day, and when the sun goes down the LED lightbulb turns on automatically. The bulb is encased within a recycled plastic bottle which protects the light source form the elements. When day breaks the lightbulb is automatically turned off, which in turn reinitiates the recharging process. Currently these batteries are capable of providing up to 28 hours of light.

In February 2014, the first lighting system incorporating this innovative system was installed in Granizal, a suburb of Medellín, home to more than 18,000 inhabitants without a traditional electrical service according to data released by ACNUR and Un Litro de Luz Colombia. Herrera wants to extend his technology to more areas of the world to bring light to areas until now left in the dark."