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Ahmad Alabdulkareem

Cognitive Enterprises through Decision Intelligence (DI).

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Saudi Arabia

Ahmad Alabdulkareem is currently the co-Founder and CTO of Intelmatix, a deep-tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) company. Intelmatix seeks to become the global leader in Decision Intelligence (DI), serving businesses through its operations in Riyadh, London, and Boston.

Over the years, Alabdulkareem lead a diverse set of technical projects, consulted various entities on technology policy & regulation, and headed various teams producing cutting-edge products across many sectors for a diverse set of stakeholders.

Across his career, and even his studies at MIT & KAUST, his focus has been to maximize the value extracted from data, utilizing his areas of expertise including Decision Intelligence (DI), AI (Machine Learning (Deep Learning)), Data Science, Analytics & Visualization, Network Science, Statistical Inference, Complex Computational Modeling and Simulation.

For many years now, Ahmad has been advancing the use of AI in decision making, through cutting edge deep tech R&D for decision makers across various sectors and entities, ranging from Logistics, to Retail, and even Human Resources. He has been utilizing his long experience in AI (ML) and advanced analytics to develop new Decision Intelligence algorithms that can not only enhance and improve decision making, but even recommend decisions in many situations (leading to a sort of "auto-pilot" mode for decision makers), with the future vision of creating the first “cognitive enterprise."