Photo of Ana Ortega-Gil


Ana Ortega-Gil

Established Digital Health Researcher

Year Honored

Kronikgune Institute for Health Services Research


Ana Ortega-Gil is a telecommunication engineer by background and her journey is built upon the certainty that technology is the enabler and our minds are the solvers that encourage wellbeing for all.

She started taking a research position in the areas of biomedical imaging and instrumentation.  Her Ph.D. project on Micro-CT system optimization for pulmonary imaging tasks led to two clinical drug candidates for Tuberculosis by Diseases of the Developing World GSK SLP in the European and IMI founded project Predict-TB.  She has worked on investigating in preclinical research and evolved towards designing digitals solutions with the aim to improve health services.

She is the co-coordinator of the Health Engineers to Goroka (PNG) stay program in EHAS NGO,  supporting the Goroka’s hospital with the radiology service, and since January 2020, Senior Research Fellow at the Digital Health research group at Kronikgune Institute for Health Service Research.

Her group leads the ADLIFE European Innovation Action and Ana’s designs of digitalized clinical decision support services embody the change of paradigm from reactive discrete care problem solving towards proactive decisions modulated by the broad health outcome to which they are responsive: quality of life, of death, of care.