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Lukasz Orlowski

Built a cloud-based supercomputing system emulation engine for supercomputing software development, testing, and validation
Lukasz Orlowski

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Archanan Development Cloud (DevCloud) is a supercomputing system emulation engine, which enables development, testing and, validation of high-performance computing codes at the desired scale using a fully-featured, web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Furthermore, it enables supercomputer pre-sizing and emulation to find the best system specifications for given workflows, making it an invaluable tool for both supercomputing centers and OEMs during tendering process.

About Lukasz Orlowski

Lukasz is a passionate software engineer and computational scientist with interests in large-scale computational software, supercomputing systems, and distributed computing systems. He has over 8 years of experience in distributed and parallel software development. Having worked at Intel and A*STAR Computational Resource Center, Lukasz experienced first-hand the woes of a distributed software developer and decided to challenge how large-scale simulation software is developed. He cofounded Archanan, a startup developing innovative supercomputer emulation engine, for supercomputer software development, testing, and validation.