Photo of Xingze Wang

Artificial intelligence & robotics

Xingze Wang

Computer vision with physical optics

Year Honored


Imagine that you pass by a half-opened door and only a small part of the inside can be seen. What cannot be seen by human eyes, like what is behind the door, remains unknown. Meanwhile, a robot that walks beside you could sense the diffused light coming from hidden objects with its sensitive photosensor which is way more powerful than human eyes. 

With a special AI algorithm, it can tell where the light comes from: a person, a desk or an empty wall. Everything inside the room, including the wall, the floor and the desk, can serve as a “mirror” for the robot, and help it to identify objects around the corner.

The technology above empowers robots with better vision under extreme conditions, and, more importantly, provides a better infrastructure for computer vision in general. Ken Xingze Wang is the scientist who makes science fiction come true.

With 6 diplomas from MIT, University of Cambridge, and Stanford, Ken has a unique interdisciplinary background that helps the invention of this technology. As the founder of Coherent AI, he is working on using physical optics and AI to improve the performance of computer vision systems.