Photo of Tino Matter

Nanotechnology & materials

Tino Matter

CEO at Anavo Medical

Year Honored


Nanoscientist Dr. Tino Matter has spearheaded the development of a wound-healing platform that not only keeps bacterial infections in check but also promotes the body’s own capacity for self-healing.

The technology addresses the growing global threat of antibiotic resistance and insufficient wound healing. Current wound healing products are severely limited in terms of robustness and bioactivity, which results in millions of patients worldwide suffering complications from extended hospital stays thus increasing their exposure and susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections. Dr. Matter’s innovation, which is based on metal oxide nanoparticles, addresses a vast global wound market.

Widespread academic and clinical interest in the platform has led Dr. Matter to launch the startup anavo medical which has received significant traction and funding to bring the technology to patients. The technology can be widely implemented, treating internal and external wounds, and potentially saving the healthcare industry and patients billions of dollars worldwide.

While pursuing his quest to disrupt the wound care market, Dr. Matter has been appointed as a Nanomedicine lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Bern.