Photo of Thomas Truong

Artificial intelligence & robotics

Thomas Truong

Creator, VocalSign App

Year Honored


Thomas Truong is an engineer who holds a master’s degree in the field of Artificial Intelligence from Sorbonne University. He is the inventor of an app that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to learn and translate all sign languages into voice, text, and image with just two example videos per sign. The app makes sign language interpretation accessible and affordable for the deaf-mute community.

Thomas’s invention is a landmark achievement as it is the first time that hardware, software, and artificial intelligence are all ready for this type of solution to be used at scale. Thomas’ mechanism substantially improves the efficiency of machine learning which allows his app to recognize a given hand action with two example videos rather than the 100 previously required. 

Previous attempts to solve this problem focused on a small number of sign languages and required special equipment. Thomas’ app works with over 300 sign languages and can be used with an iPhone, iPad or Mac issued from 2018. 

The app is also highly customizable. It works with various hand types so users themselves can teach it new hand actions by providing example videos on-device. The app is named VocalSign on the Apple App Store and the company is named