Photo of Sukrit (Roy) Hotrabhvanon

Computer & electronics hardware

Sukrit (Roy) Hotrabhvanon

Co-founder and CEO of PlayerData

Year Honored



Roy Hotrabhvanon is the co-founder and CEO of PlayerData, a company whose sole mission is to make cutting-edge sports technology available to all.

From an early age, Roy was into his tech and spent his days building new solutions to his everyday problems. He was not, however, an athlete. It wasn’t until he went to university and decided to join the archery club that his passion for sport was born.

With this new passion, came a realisation that you had to already be the best to get access to the technology that would help you improve. So Roy and co-founder Hayden founded PlayerData – a solution that meant everyone could access their performance data.

Since founding PlayerData in 2017, Roy has empowered athletes from across the UK with his technology. With over 6000 athletes, the PlayerData Community is becoming a place where athletes of any level can come together to access their data, receive support and connect with other athletes.

The next step for PlayerData is to globalise this mission, bringing accessible sporting technology to the U.S., Europe and beyond. Tech doesn’t have to be expensive, or difficult to use, and thanks to Roy and PlayerData soon all sportspeople will be able to get their hands on their performance data so they too, can train like a pro.