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Sadaf Monajemi

Helping doctors predict and prevent strokes using deep learning and computational modelling
Sadaf Monajemi

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See-Mode, a medtech startup comprising of scientists, engineers, and clinicians, is tackling the 2nd leading cause of death in the world: strokes. The current prediction and treatment planning for strokes is based on the decades-old methods of stenosis grading. With mounting clinical evidence, it has been proven that the risk of stroke is dependent on other physiological biomarkers that are difficult to obtain in real clinical settings. At See-Mode, cutting-edge deep learning and computational modeling techniques are applied on medical images to help doctors predict strokes and decide the optimal treatment. See-Mode has developed and validated its first product for AI-based analysis of vascular ultrasound images, has received regulatory approval from Health Sciences Authority in Singapore, and is awaiting CE approval.

About Sadaf Monajemi

Sadaf is the cofounder of See-Mode Technologies, a med-tech startup that empowers doctors to predict strokes without any additional test using deep learning and computational modeling. After finishing her PhD at the National University of Singapore (NUS), which was focused on the applications of machine learning and AI in medicine, she cofounded See-Mode to apply her research skills on a real-world problem that has a significant impact on patients and the healthcare industry. Over the past 2 years, she has grown See-Mode to an interdisciplinary team of 13 engineers and scientists, making rapid progress in bringing the latest stroke research into hospitals.