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Biotechnology & medicine

Ruey Feng Peh

Advent Access: Preserving Vascular Health, Reducing Dialysis Cost

Year Honored

Asia Pacific

"End-stage kidney failure is a debilitating and one of today’s most financially crippling chronic diseases to treat, costing healthcare systems a staggering $67B annually. Hemodialysis is the predominant mode of treatment for these patients. Ironically, as much as a third of the overall cost of this therapy is not on dialysis per se, but surgeries to obtain blood access and repair vascular complications before dialysis can commence. Project Advent Access aims to significantly reduce the overall cost of hemodialysis through preserving vascular health, and to save patients from the morbidity of needing multiple surgeries to sustain their lives.

Advent Access is developing an access device, the av-Guardian that could preserve the lifespan of an arteriovenous fistula – the gold standard in obtaining hemodialysis access, and reduce preventable complications. av-Guardian further reduces cannulation skill and minimizes needling pain, thereby improving comfort and empowering more patients the option of emerging home/frequent hemodialysis therapies."