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Biotechnology & medicine

Rikky Muller

Electronics that Heal and Connect the Brain

Year Honored

Asia Pacific

"Neural interfaces stand to revolutionize healthcare. In the future, implantable devices will enable prosthetics that feel and act natural, cure psychiatric disorders and enable completely new user-computer interfaces. For example, Brain Machine Interface (BMI) systems have enabled control of artificial limbs through electronic signals recorded from the brain, providing hope for patients with spinal cord injuries. However, today’s large and wired neural interfaces require substantial improvements in size, safety and longevity to transition from research labs to clinical practice. In this talk, I will discuss how microsystem-based implants greatly reduce size, infection risk and surgical complications, while enabling a lifetime of safe chronic use. Wireless, fully implantable and miniaturized technologies will bring in a new generation of neural interfaces that can seamlessly integrate into patients’ bodies and daily lives."