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Roberto Gómez

His virtual desktop provides access to any program from any location and device

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"A single, unique and constant desktop, available from every device you use. This could be the definition of Inevio, a platform created by the young, Spanish innovator Roberto Gómez, who was tired of using different programs and applications throughout the day and the need to then unify the information. Thus, he decided to develop this platform that provides access to the same programs and files from anywhere in the world, irrespective of the device being used. To do this, he abandoned his computer engineering studies, against his family´s wishes. But, at least in Gómez´s case, time and the positive results seem to have shelved those concerns.

It was 2011, and Gómez was studying computer engineering at the Technical University of Madrid (Spain) when he decided to found Inevio. He had been drawn to 0´s and 1´s during adolescence, when together with a friend he developed a server for the videogame World of Warcraft. This server, known as WoW Core, became the most famous server amongst Spanish speakers and came to host 22,000 users per day and generate 40,000 euros in monthly revenue.

Inevio offers a solution which makes all of the programs and files used by a person available through the cloud. The platform can work offline and update the data once reconnected to the network. The desktop includes a series of its own programs that are hosted by external servers and are accessible remotely.

Inevio was the only European start-up selected by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) to participate in the student-driven business incubation program MIT Global Founders´ Skills Accelerator (MIT GFSA)."