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Rafael Ferreira

His spatial computing tool enables the creation of augmented and immersive reality metaverses for companies.

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What we perceive with our eyes and brains is an ordinary three-dimensional world. This is the reality for society. But the advancement of technology in recent decades has enabled the creation of virtual realities that overlay and enrich our senses. Science fiction novels and metaverses are now possible. More than 3.8 billion people use smartphones worldwide. All of them could live in an augmented reality. 

This is precisely the goal of the work of space computing architect Rafael Ferreira. With his spatial computing project N.VERSE he creates augmented and virtual reality worlds in real physical spaces with the help of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Thanks to this development that seeks to make the metaverse a permanent and constant reality in society, MIT Technology Review in Spanish has selected Ferreira as one of the Innovators under 35 Latin America 2022. 

With the support of cloud computing, N.VERSE generates interactive holograms with many potential applications. Ferreira explains: "Augmented reality has positive impacts on people, but its use is very limited. N.VERSE breaks that barrier and creates experiences in a persistent way. It allows interaction with physical and digital space." 

With this platform, the young Brazilian democratizes and magnifies these disruptive technologies. Some of its applications are training for the repair of industrial equipment and the withdrawal of money from ATMs without interacting with the machines. These are just a few examples of what his software can do because it is companies and institutions who can create all kinds of immersive 3D experiences customized and tailored to their industry and goals in the metaverse. 

Ferreira wants to expand N.VERSE helped by the implementation of 5G and to interconnect other spatial computing products. The innovator's creation expands the boundaries of our reality to levels that were recently only in our imagination. The innovator concludes, "It's a whole new world that people are just starting to explore now. The possibilities for creating with these tools in the future are enormous."