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Mohamed Labadi

Developed software solutions for modeling and simulation of real world multi-physics and complex engineered systems

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Singularity Computing


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Labadi is the co-founder and CEO of Singularity Computing, a cloud-based scientific simulation computing and high-performance computing solution to design and develop complex engineered systems and model and simulate complex multi-physics phenomena. He is also a co-founder of Deep Trial, which monitors a patient’s physical and mental health conditions and quality of life before, during, and after clinical trial. Singularity Computing is reinventing the whole computational science & engineering (CSE) and high performance computing (HPC) fields, enabling R&D engineers and scientists to solve advanced scientific and engineering problems. It predicts multi-physics and multi-scale events and behaviors, and designs and builds complex engineered systems and products, while addressing the most difficult aspects of computation, modeling, simulation, visualization, manufacturing, and scientific discovery.