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Marcelo Lanfranconi

He has created an application that enables bill payments from cell phones and encourages users to be take advantage of banking services

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Latin America

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"The percentage of adults holding bank accounts worldwide and in developing countries has reached 41%; a problem that leads to financial exclusion whereby digital payments can provide an opportunity to offer immediate advantages. In response to the lack of success of these online solutions offered by banks, in 2012 Lanfranconi founded Paganza; a comprehensive app used to pay bills that allows users to be in control.

Paganza functions as a platform connected with the country's main banks such as Banco Itaú, BBVA or Banco República, and offers greater convenience, simplicity and control to its users. Through this application the user can scan the bill's barcode using their phone and make transfer payments to the relevant account.

In less than one year, Paganza reached the number 1 spot on Apple's list of applications. It also gained recognition as one of the most innovative applications at the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona and as the most innovative startup in the New Bank category at the BBVA Open Talent worldwide competition.

In the search for solutions for the most disadvantaged people, this system´s engineer was also the director of the project entitled 'Un Techo para mi País' (A Roof over my Country) in Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, achieving the construction of 4,500 emergency homes in settlements."