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Biotechnology & medicine

Katharina Richter

Developing innovative treatments against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, showing life-changing impact by improving healthcare for infections
Katharina Richter

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University of Adelaide, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Asia Pacific

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Katharina Richter is an enthusiastic biomedical scientist, dedicated to improving therapies against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Joining the war on superbugs she developed and patented two novel treatments and translated them from bench to bedside. With a background in pharmaceutical sciences and a PhD in medicine and applied microbiology, Katharina collaborates with scientists, clinicians and industry partners to ensure real life impact of her work. She initiated two clinical trials in Adelaide, Australia, actively improving public healthcare. Katharina has been recognised by peers, the public and the media as evidenced by 29 awards/prizes, numerous public outreach activities and media engagements around the world.