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Juan Pablo Reyes

He has integrated musical mechanics in an action game to enhance user experience

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Latin America

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"The musical mechanics are somewhat natural and attractive to humans. However, in many cases, the development of musical talent is rather tedious and demotivating. Juan Pablo's creation, an action game for mobile devices based on a command of rhythm, is revolutionizing the way of developing these skills in a simple and intuitive way.

Unlike the explicit form of other musical video games, which display notes or pentagrams which discourage those who do not know much about music, Juan Pablo has used digital tools to fully integrate the mechanics of the rhythm in the game, as a fundamental aspect in the user experience. Since it appeared in the App Store, Audio Ninja has been the number one in its music games category in 63 countries with 5-star ratings in most cases.

Juan Pablo began his Industrial Design studies at Javeriana University, which he put on hold to further enhance his knowledge of musical production and subsequently specialize in Digital Design. After founding and managing a company of his own for two years, he decided to lead an independent project based on the world of video games and this is how Cocodrilo Do Games, the company through which he is developing Audio Ninja, was founded. During the first few months, he worked alone in developing the game and then received support from the Colombian video games company Brainz to produce the rest of the Audio Ninja worlds and music. Among other plans for the international expansion of this successful Colombian game, he currently has a contract with Televisa to promote it in Mexico."