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Jorge Camil

Quality Education assisted by information technologies to close the digital divide

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Latin America

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"Approximately 78 percent of the population in Mexico does not have access to a computer nor to the internet, and the gaps in educational infrastructure in poor areas worsen this digital divide as well as the educational lag of the entire country. Although almost 25 per cent of government expenditure is allocated to education, Mexico has the worst educational performance of all OECD countries.

With the aim of reducing the digital divide and developing the technological skills of children, young people and adults in Mexico, Jorge Camil founded Enova, a social enterprise dedicated to the development, implementation and management of educational centers. These centers, also known as innovative learning networks, provide quality training and access to information technologies in low-income communities. Currently Jorge Camil is the director of development at Enova, which is already at work improving the performance of 70 educational centers and has managed to register more than 322,000 partners in 3 years.

The innovative system of educational centers promoted by Jorge Camil manages to integrate all of the value chain elements in educational center management of the centers, access to an attractive area of learning with computers and broadband connection to the internet, courses of the highest quality with personal support of teachers and analysis of the patterns of student learning to refine the educational content and operations. All this allows Camil´s system to increase the effectiveness of the courses and to tailor them to the needs of different user profiles.

Innovation in Education, the environment and the technology initiatives pervade the professional trajectory of the Mexican Jorge Camil who, in addition to being amongst the winners of the Innovators Under 35 Mexico 2013 awards, will participate in the Emtech Mexico conference as an expert speaker on the topic of the future of education."