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Biotechnology & medicine

Juan Leonardo Martinez

He has created an app to quickly and accurately read the result of colorimetric analysis

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Latin America

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"Juan Leonardo has developed an application that turns any smartphone into a medical diagnostic device. His technology allows the result of colorimetric analysis to be read and quickly transmits those data to a laboratory or health care professional.

The application, called Colorimetrix, can read the color changes that occur in the colorimetric strips used for medical supervision, drug testing and environmental analysis. Using a mathematical algorithm that processes the color information and produces results within seconds, the technology developed by this Mexican inventor can provide accurate results for glucose, protein and pH concentrations.

This technology can have a big impact on the performance of rapid, on-site medical diagnostics throughout the world. Besides making medical examinations accessible in remote and underprivileged areas where the likelihood of there being a laboratory team is low, thanks to the accuracy and speed with which it provides the data, it can help slow down or limit the spread of pandemics such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in developing countries.

This young Mexican inventor, a PhD in Biotechnology, has also developed other projects, such as a prototype for an ""unprinter"" or holographic sensors. He has published his work in various magazines, and

His work has been recognized in the past with the BECA CONACYT, PIFI and TELMEX awards."