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Eva Hernández

Her low-cost, reactive strips detect vaginal infections non-invasively

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Latin America

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"Untreated vaginal infections can increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and can cause complications during pregnancy.

Eva Hernandez has created the V.Confident strips that are placed inside the user´s underwear, like a maxi pad, and change color upon detecting vaginal infections. This method is easy to use, and capable of detecting three of the most common vaginal infections: candidiasis, tricomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis. The functional prototype has already initiated the patenting process and is currently being perfected.

This product allows women to monitor their gynecological health continuously: V.Confident uses vaginal discharge as samples, which upon entering in contact with the strip generates a color change to alert the user sometimes even of an increased vulnerability before an infection actually develops. The results can be viewed not only through the color change within the product itself, but also via a website and an app for smartphones which also contain recommendations for prevention and treatment.

This diagnostic technique is very affordable since the estimated price for three strips is 78 pesos (approximately 4.5 euros). Hernandez hopes to accelerate the commercialization of her product through companies whose professional activity is focused on feminine hygiene."