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Daniel Pardo

His wireless sensors work without cables or batteries

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"Creating sensors without cables or batteries was an obsession for the young, telecommunications engineer Daniel Pardo when he decided to found Farsens in 2008. During the last seven years, this start-up has achieved its objective. Its portfolio includes sensors that measure temperature, humidity, light, pressure and magnetic fields, amongst other things, and all wirelessly and without the use of batteries.

In order to create these functional sensors, Pardo developed a technology capable of powering the sensors on a need-only basis. The energy comes from the same reader that receives the data, and does need to be connected to an external energy supply. When the reader sends a signal to the sensor in the form of radio waves, the sensor transforms this wave to harness its energy and send the captured data back to the reader.

Pardo achieves this magic through a new twist of the radio frequency identification (RFID), which is a system that stores information on a chip which is recovered through a reader. This is effectively an evolved version of the bar code system, whose data emerges when passed over a sensor connected to a cash register.

These sensors have applications in many industries like agriculture, since they can be buried underground, or construction, through incorporating these sensors in different equipment or even in structures like buildings."