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Biotechnology & medicine

Dahlia Mohamed Hassan

Bloom: A safe, affordable, comfortable, and self-adjustable 3-D printed prosthetic leg design.

Year Honored

Khalifa University


Hails From

Growing up seeing how the less fortunate in Egypt, her home country, suffered with little to no access to basic healthcare, Dahlia's life goal and burning passion quickly grew towards making healthcare accessible to those who are in dire need. With the growing levels of poverty and displaced families in the MENA region as a result of war, natural disasters, pandemics, and more, healthcare access to these communities has become an issue that is becoming impossible to overlook. Dahlia strongly believes in the responsibility we hold to give back to the world and she'd like to use her innovation and technology skillsets to deliver solutions to society.

In line with her mission, Dahlia graduated from Khalifa University with a biomedical engineering degree and worked as a researcher there for the following year. She's currently about to finish her master's in Applied biomedical engineering at John's Hopkins University. Dahlia is also currently employed at Siemens Healthineers under the Innovation Think Tank department where they support local innovation activities in the Middle East and Southern and Eastern African regions where they dedicate their work towards constantly trying to improve patient lives and access to healthcare of the people of our region through innovation and healthcare technologies.