Photo of Blanca Lorena  Villarreal Guerra

Computer & electronics hardware

Blanca Lorena Villarreal Guerra

She has created a robotic nose to quickly detect and track the trajectory of the source of a smell

Year Honored

Latin America

Hails From

"Blanca has developed an artificial olfactory system by copying some characteristics of the natural system, the biological nose, which could be used, for example, to locate gas leaks in disaster areas.

In disaster areas it is very common for a gas leakage to emerge that may be toxic or dangerous for humans and animals. Locating the sources of these smells is usually a major priority. Therefore, knowing the direction from which a distant odor is flowing is the major role of an olfactory robot. To meet this need, Blanca has developed an artificial olfactory system that combines electronic components, software and chemical sensors.

Currently in the process of being patented, the technology developed by this young researcher has great potential to take not only security and disaster mitigation industries by storm, but also a wide range of industrial sectors."