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Ángel Alberich

More objective and precise diagnostics using algorithms to process medical imagery

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"Ángel Alberich believes that there is an absence of objective data that can be used to catalogue certain medical conditions, which are ultimately diagnosed through perception. For this reason, this technical scientist from the Biomedical Imagery Research Group at the University and Polytechnic Hospital La Fe in Valencia (Spain) founded QUIBIM, a company through which he offers objective diagnostic services for various conditions to the medical community.

Alberich achieved his objective through the use of biomarkers related to the severity of a condition which can be observed in medical imagery. Once detected, Ablerich has developed a series of algorithms that extract the medical data contained in the images.

His most recent work has allowed him to create an algorithm capable of measuring the percentage of fat and the iron content in kidneys in MRI scans. The results obtained through this method hold a high correlation with those obtained through biopsies.

QUIBIM, founded in 2014, already works with several customers in Spain, Portugal and the United States, which use QUIBIM´s services to validate the results of research efforts and clinical trials, such as the Jiménez Díaz Foundation and the Institute of Biomedicine Research of Girona (Spain) as well as several pharmaceutical companies."